Dr. Khalid Aziz founded a NFP research organization ‘Computer Modelling Group’ at the University of Calgary, Chemical and Petroleum Engineering Department, before moving to Stanford University in 1982.


As President & CEO of Computer Modelling Group, Frank Meyer expanded the research, initiated transformation to workstation and PC technologies, began visualization research and undertook technology application (or implementation). Key researchers at the time included Dr. Long Nghiem, Dr. Dennis Coombe, Dr. Lloyd Buchanan, Dr. David Collins and Dr. Allan Hiebert.


A pivotal year for Computer Modelling Group. Succeeding with implementation in 25 countries, the NFP research organization Computer Modelling Group created ‘Computer Modelling Group Ltd.’ (CMGL) in an IPO as a public company traded on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange). All of the staff, software and business of the NFP research organization were transferred into CMGL. Since that time, CMGL has flourished with expanding technology and commercialization of world class reservoir models for industry. With the assets from the IPO, the NFP research organization ‘Computer Modelling Group’ renamed itself to CMG Reservoir Simulation Foundation (Foundation CMG) and transformed itself into an endowment organization to focus on leading research and students.


Foundation CMG initiates an Industrial Research Chair Program Worldwide

  • Research Chairs, with teams of 30 students/researchers
  • Strategic Research Areas in Oil/Gas Reservoir Modelling
  • Multi-discipline: reservoir engineers, geologists, geophysicists
  • Extensive collaboration of academia and industry
  • A $700 million, 25 year initiative


Duke Anderson joins Foundation CMG as President & CEO, with Frank Meyer retiring after 25 years of service. Mr. Anderson, a professional engineer from University of Alberta, brings expanded skills and credentials to Foundation CMG. His E&P technical and oil industry management experience include 26 years with AMOCO and BP, and most recently Vice-President Energy with SAIT Polytechnic, an internationally recognized advanced education institute located in Calgary, Canada.


  • Excellent Board of Directors
  • Key Industrial Guidance
  • Sound Endowment Financial Position
  • Eleven Research Chairs Approved: Ten operational, One in start-up

Dr. Aziz Khalid

Frank Meyer

Duke Anderson